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Application and use method of dusting duster

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Application and use method of dusting duster

Dusting duster is also called cleaning duster or magic duster. The dust removal materials are generally divided into the chemical fiber, nanometer, and cotton thread, and the dust removal effect is gradually increasing. Next, let's take a look at the application and use of the dusting duster. Here are some answers.

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Application of dusting duster in automobiles.

How to use dusting duster.

Application of dusting duster in automobiles.

I wonder if you have ever encountered a dusting duster when you wipe the car, the car body is all one by one, and it is not clean. This is probably because the wax on the dusting duster is gone. You can buy a bottle of duster wax and spray some on the nonwoven duster regularly so that the car will be very clean. It is best to leave it for one day after spraying the wax and use it after it is completely absorbed.

The bristles of the dusting duster will turn black after a period of use. It is best not to wash it with water, and try to shake off the dust adsorbed on it. In addition, the dusting duster cannot be used in water, especially when the car body is rainy or snowy, otherwise, it will not only be clean and dirty but also affect the service life of the dusting duster. Remember not to wipe the car with a magnet dust duster when the car body has water, otherwise, the car body will not be wiped clean, and the paint will be damaged.

How to use dusting duster.

When there is a lot of floating dust on the surface of the car, we can use different dusting dusters to clean up. After we wipe the car with the disposable duster, we must vigorously shake off the dust adsorbed on the dusting duster. If the cleaning is not clean, it will affect We get off the car and use it. After a long time, it will breed bacteria and damage our car. After cleaning it, it will not only be convenient for us to use it next time but also will make our dusting duster last longer. If the dust on our car body is more difficult to clean, our cleaning method should be different from the former. We must first use a dusting duster to remove the floating dust on the surface, wait until the paint is dry, and then remove the rest with a little force. Stains, this effect is also considerable. No matter the duster kit of any material, it is limited to wiping the body with less dust or dirt. It is recommended to wash the car when there is more dirt.

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