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Description and classification of cleaning duster

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A cleaning duster is a very common cleaning and cleaning tool in our daily life. The cleaning duster is used when we clean up the dust on the car body. It is a seemingly simple tool, and many of our riders don't know it very well. Everyone knows that it is a disposable duster, but they don't know what it can be used for and what types it has. So today we will take a look at the description and classification of the cleaning duster. Here are some answers.

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Description of cleaning duster.

The three types of cleaning duster.

Description of cleaning duster.

The cleaning duster is not like the dusting duster we usually use at home. If the two are mixed, it will cause damage to our car paint. In the end, we have to pay for the repair by ourselves. The biggest difference between the cleaning duster and the duster we usually use is the material difference. The cleaning duster is better than the dusting duster in our lives. Reasonable use will not cause damage to our car paint. It can also protect our car paint. It seems that a simple tool can also bring us. It's a great convenience.

The three types of cleaning duster.

fluffy duster

The fluffy duster can not only remove the floating dust on the car body but also has fine lint. The biggest feature of these fine lint is that it has strong adsorption and is relatively soft. The effect is also very good when we remove the floating dust. At the same time, we can also use the car's fluffy duster to the wax car. Put the car wax in the fluffy duster, and it is also very practical to use the adsorption of the cleaning duster to protect the appearance of the car.

nonwoven duster

The material of nonwoven duster is higher than that of pure cotton duster, and it also has the soft and absorbent functions of pure cotton duster, but nonwoven duster is more durable than our pure cotton duster, and it is not easy to lose the fluff. We are using At that time, it’s more at ease. Don’t worry about the duster's fluff and affect the car’s aesthetics. Since it is more practical, the price is more expensive than the ordinary cleaning duster.

microfiber duster

The material of microfiber duster and nonwoven duster is the same, but microfiber duster is denser than nonwoven duster, and it has an anti-static function, it is more convenient when we use it, and the effect is better.

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