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Where Can You Find The Best Extendable Duster
The Clear brand extendable dust duster is made of the same ABS material as the swiffer. Compared with the PS material, it has better toughness and durability. With an ergonomic handle, it has a comfortable grip, easy dust removal, and avoids cleaning dust from high places. Risk of falling, you can easily sweep ceilings, lamps and other difficult-to-clean locations while standing. We accept all kinds of color customization, and we have more handle options to adapt to the different colors and styles of people all over the world.Our retractable handles can use swiffer brand replacement heads.
And our replacement heads can also be used for swiffer handles, which is convenient for customers to change products of different brands at any time. Therefore, you can get a very good cleaning experience at a lower price. We are a great extendable duster manufacturer, do not hesitate to contact us, more good extendable duster for sale, we are waiting you for extendable duster wholesale.
Appearance patent certificate
Appearance patent certificate
Utility model patent certificate
Utility model patent certificate
Clear Extendable Duster Series

We have more than 15 years of experience in the production and OEM of such products. The extendable disposable duster is made of ABS high-grade plastic, which is durable and novel in shape. The extendable microfiber duster can be customized in a variety of colors and a variety of replacement heads. We have a lot of 180-degree and 360-degree replacement heads. Designed to match this telescopic pole. The clear telescopic dust duster can be up to 90cm in length, Clear commercial extendable duster has a 360-degree rotatable angle, and can be adjusted in 4 directions. It is more flexible and convenient to use. Easily clear the ceiling, blinds, chandeliers, cabinets and other high places that are not easy to clean.

Extendable Duster Applications
How to solve the problem that the ceiling is not easy to clean at home? Use the Clear extendable dust duster for high ceiling, which can extend up to 90cm. Standing upright can easily solve the problem of dust removal at high places. How to solve the cleaning problem of high-altitude lamps?
Try the Clear retractable dust duster. Each duster is only 100 grams. It is easy to clean and does not tiring your hands at all. It avoids the risk of using ladders and stools to clean up. The soft fiber is more suitable for cleaning fragile lamps. It is simply an artifact duster for household cleaning.
180° Duster
How To Use Extendable Duster

How To Use Extendable DusterInstallation and use are very simple. Please see the extendable duster instructions guide for use. First, extendable duster manual press the white button on the handle to release the buckle switch, and stretch the handle. It is easy to install. Extendable duster tips, do not stretch too hard to avoid excessive expansion, and then stretch the upper part of the handle. Press the white unlocking button to adjust to the desired angle, adjust the four gears, the third step is to knead the fluffy dust duster, insert the upper end of the handle into the socket of the duster, and finally put the upper part of the handle into the lower part, and fix the buckle. After completing the installation, you can start to enjoy the joy or the easy dust removal!

Clear Extendable Duster Service
Our factory can provide excellent extendable duster services
Our factory can provide excellent extendable duster services, including color recommendations and customization of telescopic rods, color of dusters, design and new development. We have many years of OEM experience and can provide product matching suggestions and packaging suggestions at different price points. The packaging form can be provided in color box, color bag, and plastic case. We have a standard workshop of 10,000 square meters, a production team of 100 people, excellent production capacity, and guaranteed delivery time. Each of our products has a quality tracking system, which can find the production time and personnel of the product in a timely and accurate manner, and solve the after-sales problems in the first time, so that you can purchase without any worries.
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