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History and description of magic duster

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History and description of magic duster

How much do you know about magic dusters? Do you know how it came from? How long is its history? A magic duster is a device that separates dust from flue gas. The performance of a nonwoven duster is expressed by the amount of gas that can be processed, the resistance loss when the gas passes through the magic duster, and the efficiency of dust removal. At the same time, the price of microfiber duster, the cost of operation and maintenance, the length of service life, and the difficulty of operation and management are also important factors to consider in its performance. Next, let's take a look at the history and description of the magic duster. Here are some answers.

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Magic duster has a long history.

Product description of the magic duster.

Magic duster has a long history.

The magic duster has a long history. As early as 4000 years ago in the Xia Dynasty, Xiahou (the later emperor) Shaokang saw an injured pheasant dragging its body forward, and the place it climbed was very clean. So the first dusting duster was made from pheasant feathers. This is often additionally the origin of the feather duster. Because the pheasant feathers used were too soft and not resistant to wear, Shaokang replaced bamboo strips, wormwood, sorghum stalks, etc. as raw materials to make a durable broom. In Europe, Asia, and most parts of the world, a broom made of sorghum stalks is widely used. US President Franklin advocated the cultivation of sorghum to develop agriculture, so sorghum was grown throughout the United States. The United States also uses sorghum brooms, and there has been a sorghum broom manufacturing industry. Until modern times, brooms are still in use.

Product description of the magic duster.

Use a fluffy duster to reduce your cleaning time. It can be safely used on any surface and is ideal for those hard-to-reach places. The kit includes a slim design handle and an ergonomic handle, which is very comfortable to use. The magic duster is also equipped with five odorless disposable dust collectors made of fibers, designed to lock out dirt and dust. The magic duster stands for fast and simple dust removal. The replaceable cover can act as a magnet for dust, dirt, and hair, and reliably absorb collected particles. The duster refills include 1 handle and 10 lids to absorb dust, dirt, and hair. For hard-to-reach places, you can choose the versatile magic duster, which is suitable for furniture, heaters, plants, computers, etc.

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