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How and how to use a mop pad

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How and how to use a mop pad

What non-woven fabric is better for mop pads? The non-woven fabric used as the material for deep cleaning pads at home should be made of polyester and viscose blended, spunlaced reinforced, and then dipped non-woven fabrics. Such materials are wear-resistant and water-absorbing, and have better strength after dipping. Not suitable for mildew. It is recommended to wash the mop pad for household use, wring it out, and dry it regularly in the sun to ensure a longer service life and better usability. Next, let's take a look at the progress and use of the mop pad. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

Mop pad progress mode.

The purpose of the mop pad.

Mop pad progress mode.

First, the mop pad is swung left and right, dragging and moving back, try not to step on the ground that has been wiped. Second, the mop pad should be dragged along the corners of the wall first, and then drag the center. The ground connection must overlap by 5cm. Third, in principle, work should start from the inside and gradually progress towards the entrance and exit. Fourth, take care not to make the mop refill and mop stick touch the wall.

The purpose of the mop pad.

The purpose of the mop pad is to dip an appropriate amount of water to dissolve and wipe the ground dirt. Wet mop refills are a tool for cleaning. Generally speaking, its appearance is that a cotton rope is attached to the end of a stick to use the cotton rope to absorb water to wipe off the stains on the floor. The most traditional mop pad is to tie a bunch of cloth strips to one end of a long wooden pole.

The mop pad is one of the appliances with the most dirt. If you don't pay attention to cleaning, it will become a breeding ground for some microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria. When mops are in use, they are most likely to touch the organic ingredients on the ground. These ingredients will be used by fungi and bacteria. When they are in a humid environment for a long time, microorganisms and bacteria such as molds, fungi, candida, and dust mites will grow rapidly. When Mop cloth is used later, not only can it not clean the floor, but it will also cause bacteria to spread, and cause diseases such as respiratory tract, intestinal tract, and allergic dermatitis. No matter whether the texture of mop refill is a cotton cloth, cotton thread, collodion, microfiber, etc. As long as it is not thoroughly cleaned and dried, harmful substances will easily breed. Therefore, the first principle of choosing a mop pad is that it is easy to clean and dry.

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