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Introduction to the use of a nonwoven duster

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Introduction to the use of a nonwoven duster

There are still many uses for a nonwoven duster, such as cleaning cabinets, tables, sofas, computers, and so on. The dust inside the furniture and the dust that is difficult to clean can be cleaned with a nonwoven duster. Can dusting duster be used frequently? How to use it correctly? Next, let's take a look at the introduction of the nonwoven duster.Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • The magical effect of the nonwoven duster.

  • How to properly use a nonwoven duster to clean the car?

The magical effect of the nonwoven duster.

The duster kit is one of the essential items in many households. Its purpose is natural. Everyone knows that dusting and sweeping dust is not profitable. Generally, there are floating dust or spider webs in the house, and it is very easy to clean. Trouble, just swipe it with a nonwoven duster and it's all done. However, in addition to these, a nonwoven duster is a powerful tool for sanitary dead corners. For example, in the middle of the radiator, it is generally impossible to reach in, but as long as the nonwoven duster is pulled in and back and forth, it is very clean. And the current wall is also a good helper to deal with the floating dust after decoration, but when cleaning the floating dust, make sure that the magic duster is dry, and there should be no other liquids such as water and oil, otherwise, it will pollute the wall.

How to properly use a nonwoven duster to clean the car?

When there is too much dust on the surface of the car, after cleaning the dust with a disposable duster, the dust on the nonwoven duster should be shaken off in time to prevent the next time you use it again and again, it can also effectively extend the service life of the nonwoven duster. I believe that many car owners will wash the car frequently, but there is no need to wash the car when there is slight dirt. You can use a nonwoven duster to gently wipe the car, and then wait until the car is completely dry, and then use a nonwoven duster to clean up the dirt. This can save a lot of expenses. There are also car owners who often report that the cleaning duster is often not cleaned, causing the car to always be one by one. This may be because the nonwoven duster is out of wax. You can buy a bottle of duster wax (about 20 yuan) and put it in the bag after waxing. Or put it in the box for a few hours, the effect will be better.

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