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Note on dusting and cleaning of dusting duster

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Note on dusting and cleaning of dusting duster

In your epic battle with dust, you need the most effective and efficient tools to get the job done. An ordinary feather duster can move dust around and launch it back into the air. The dusting duster, magic duster, and cleaning duster make dust removal easier, faster, and more fun. Not to mention, they capture and lock up 3 times more dust than feather dusters. Next, let's take a look at the dusting and cleaning attention of the dusting duster. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  •  How does the dusting duster remove dust?

  •  Precautions for cleaning dusting duster.

How does the dusting duster remove dust?

The dusting duster stretches to the sky to obtain the area where the wall meets the ceiling and the top of the window frame and handle it. The duster kit can easily remove dust and cobwebs in hard-to-reach places. Go into the vent and give some love to the lamp. Now dust the blades and hubs of the ceiling fan. First, make sure to turn off all functions. Next, use a dusting duster to dust off medium-height surfaces near the wall, such as refrigerators, bookshelves, and porcelain cabinets. The dusting duster is very suitable for removing dust inside the lamp and even on the bulb. It is also very suitable for electronic screens and is designed to enter narrow spaces such as behind stereo components and wall-mounted TVs. Be sure to turn off all electronic devices before removing dust. Thanks to the extended dusting duster, skirting boards, sockets, furniture legs and other objects can be easily reached even without bending over. The nonwoven duster is the best way to remove all the dirt, dust, hair, and dander that may fall on the floor.

Precautions for cleaning dusting duster.

It is recommended not to wash the newly purchased magic duster with water. If it is found to be dirty, you can vigorously shake off the dirt on the dusting duster, wait for 6 to 12 months before washing it with clean water, and then dry it in the sun. After each use, to maintain the service life of the dusting duster and the effect of use, it must be put in the bag to keep the active ingredients on the duster in time. When the car body is wet, do not use the dusting duster. You must wait for the car body to dry before using the dusting duster. This will make the dusting duster have a longer service life. Finally, remind everyone not to use a dusting duster to dust the car frequently, this will damage the gloss of the car because the fluffy duster will wear the car paint.

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