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Related knowledge and common sense of mop pad

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Related knowledge and common sense of mop pad

The mop pad is a kind of item in our daily life. The mop refill is a part of the mop of the cleaning tool. Because it is fixed on the head of the mop, it is called the mop head. It is made of cotton, collodion, or other fiber materials (such as non-woven fabrics) (our company mainly produces non-woven mops), and together with the mop rods form a mop, which is mainly used for cement floors, floors, and marble floors. clean. Next, let's take a look at the relevant knowledge and common sense of mop pads. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Knowledge of washing and maintenance of mop pad.

  • Related common sense of mop pad.

Knowledge of washing and maintenance of mop pad.

Mop refill should be cleaned with a neutral detergent. As a cleaning tool, it is best to put some disinfectant water to disinfect it. But not all deep cleaning pads can bask in the sun. Generally, mop pads made of ultra-fine fibers, non-woven fabrics, and collodion materials should be air-dried. When exposed to the sun, the material may shrink and deform, and the adsorption effect will be weakened. It is best not to stack mop pads on the ground, flat mop pads are best to be dragged with their heads up, and thin mop mops should be hung in the air. When necessary, configure two mops, a flat dry mop cloth, and a thin strip wet mop. The mop head should be able to rotate 360 degrees to remove dead spots.

Related common sense of mop pad.

The mop pad is one of the appliances with the most dirt. If you don't pay attention to cleaning, it will become a breeding ground for some microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria. When disposable mop cloth is in use, it is most likely to touch the organic ingredients on the ground. These ingredients will be used by fungi and bacteria. When they are in a humid environment for a long time, microorganisms and bacteria such as molds, fungi, candida, and dust mites will grow rapidly. When it is used later, not only can it not clean the ground, but it will also cause bacteria to spread, and cause diseases such as the respiratory tract, intestinal tract, and allergic dermatitis. No matter whether the texture of Mop cloth is a cotton cloth, cotton thread, collodion, microfiber, etc., as long as it is not thoroughly cleaned and dried, harmful substances will easily grow. Therefore, the first principle of choosing a mop pad is that it is easy to clean and dry.

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