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Source of mop pad and cleaning of mop refill

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Source of mop pad and cleaning of mop refill

The mop pad should be derived from a rag. The most traditional mop pad is to tie a bunch of cloth strips to one end of a long wooden pole, which is simple and inexpensive. The working head is changed from a rag block to a bunch of cloth strips, which has a strong decontamination ability. Next, we are going to look at the source of the mop pad and the cleaning of the mop refill. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  •  Source and analysis of mop pad.

  •  Cleaning of mop refill.

Source and analysis of mop pad.

The mop pad should be derived from a rag. When there are stains on the ground to be cleaned, people may just want to clean it, not necessarily. With the improvement of productivity and the change of living environment, the ground that needs to be cleaned has also changed from soil to smooth wooden boards and slates, and the need for scrubbing arises. The first problem for scrubbing the floor should be a rag. Although scrubbing makes the floor clean, the operator’s first problem also arises: too tired. The problem is the source of inspiration. Someone installed a long handle on Mop cloth and gave it a vivid name: mop pad. The mop pad came to this world and realized "walking upright".

Cleaning of mop refill.

With the continuous growth of the tree of science, the materials used in mop refill have become more and more extensive. From the early cotton strips, collodion (rubber cotton mop), microfiber have been developed, and even a piece of non-woven fabric has been used directly. Because the non-woven fabric has strong water absorption and is equipped with a convenient water squeezing device, the non-woven mop is more suitable for cleaning up water on the ground such as kitchens and toilets. The crank mop is used on the mop pole. The traditional straight rod is equipped with a crank component, which makes the movement and rotation of the deep cleaning pads on the ground more free and effortless, and solves the problem of bending the straight rod mop and the garbage debris. The problem is that is pushed around and cannot be accommodated. At the same time, the crank can also provide power for the high-speed rotation and thorough cleaning of disposable mop cloth. Today, the functions of the mop pad are constantly being expanded, and the auxiliary devices are also emerging in an endless stream, showing a situation where a hundred flowers bloom.

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