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The use and method of the mop pad

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We use mop pads for housework every day, but do you know? Mop cloth is also very particular when it is used. Let's take a look at the use and method of mop pads. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Tips for using mop pad.

  • Several ways to use a mop pad.

Tips for using mop pad.

First, extend the efficiency of the mop pad. It is best to clean the hair and dust before mopping the floor. The mop pad mopping direction should follow the lines of the floor as much as possible so that the dirt can be easily brought out and the cleaning effect can be achieved. Second, to clean the deep cleaning pads, it is best to rinse them with running water, which will be cleaner. If you have the habit of using floor cleaners, the dirty mop pads can be washed off under the tap before putting them in soak the bucket with detergent, and wring out the mop pad. Third, pay attention to the use of various types of mop pads. Use the right method to improve the efficiency of disposable mop cloth. For example, some rubber cotton mop must be soaked in water after it dries hard, or some electrostatic cloth mop is needed. It can only be used when sprayed with electrostatic fluid. I use a mop to wipe wooden floors. Try not to use mops with high water content, such as microfiber mops. Because the surface of wooden floors has pores, it is easy to absorb moisture and cause the floor to deform and shorten its life.

Several ways to use a mop pad.

First, dry mop: use a dry mop to wipe the ground, which is mainly used to polish the ground or wipe off watermarks on the ground. Second, semi-dry mop: wipe the ground with a semi-wet and semi-dry mop. In this way, dust and dirt on the ground can be removed without leaving water stains on the ground. If it is on the waxed ground, use a semi-dry mop. Third, water mopping: mopping the ground after soaking the disposable cleaning cloth, which is mainly used to remove mud and dirt on the ground. Water mopping is to dissolve mud and dirt in water by cleaning, and then mop clean. But it is not suitable to have too much water and should be moderately controlled. If watermarks are left on the ground after mopping, they should be mopped dry. Fourth, mopping with detergent: to remove the dirt that is not dissolved by water or containing grease, you need to mop with Wet mop refills soaked in detergent. After mopping, use clean water to remove residual detergent.

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