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  • Is Cloth House the only company who makes nonwoven cleaning cloths?

    No, we're not the only company to make nonwoven kitchen cloths. We are one of the most famous ones though and we have a lot of satisfied customers who love our products.
  • How long do you have to wait before the cleaning cloths are ready?

    Our cloths are ready to use immediately, so you don't have to wait and rot away at cleaning your stove top with a damp rag.
  • I don't own a vacuum cleaner, can I still use nonwoven cloths for cleaning?

    Yes, you can use a simple cloth or paper towel to clean with our nonwoven cloths. You can also choose to use a wet sponge or dishwater washcloth on stains and greasy areas.
  • What is Non Woven Kitchen Cloth made of?

    Nonwoven Kitchen Cloth is made of polyester which has outstanding elasticity, high-strength and thinness. A high-density polyethylene layer is also added to provide excellent water resistance and durability.
  • Does the mop refill only work with one mop?

    No, the mop refill only works with your mop. However, it is made to fit most types of mops that are currently in the market.
  • Why does the purple mop refill have a different size than the others?

    We have different sized mop refill packs because each person has different needs and preferences.
  • Why is it easier to clean with mops that are disposable?

    The disposable mop refills make cleaning your house faster and easier because you don't have to worry about washing the old mop. You also can get new ones whenever you need them.
  • How many mop refills is included in the order?

    We include many mop refills in every order.
  • What is your company's history?

    With more than 20 years of experience in producing high-quality duster products, we are one of the most reputable duster manufacturers. Our company has achieved an ISO 9001/TS 22000 Certificate and is also listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
  • What are the dimensions for the Duster Extra-large?

    The dimensions are dependent on the product, please contact us if you're unsure.
  • What are the differences between Duster products?

    Duster has a wide-range of products, which each has its own use. If you are interested in our different brands and choose the relevant one for your needs, we recommend reading our customers' reviews as well.
  • Hangzhou Clear Cleaning Products CO., Ltd C

    Our company covers a floor area of 12 thousand square meters, having 15 thousand square meters of standardized workshop, and 80 staffs.
  • Do you have duster pads for screens?

    Yes, we have different screens and electronic smudges to clean. You can find them in our online catalogue or use the filter to find them easier.


Hangzhou Clear Cleaning Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. Our company specializes in the manufacture of non woven cleaning products.




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